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Importance of Weight Distribution



There is one massive issue that I've noticed with this demonstration: that car wouldn't be able to tow anything. If it was an truck, van, or even SUV... It'd depend on the size of the trailer.

Anyways, this could be the difference between life and death, especially when you add in malfunctioning parts, bumpy roads, high winds, ice, larger turn radii, and the leading factor of road accidents: bad drivers (I would know, I'm one of them).

Whenever you move, there are reasons that you put all of the big stuff in the back (The "back" being the end that hitches to the car/truck) of a U-Haul. One is just to get it out of the way, to make it easier to organize later on. Another is because it's easier to transport, so it prevents accidents. And the absolute last thing everybody wants, especially when moving, is to get in an accident. Another way to get the weight distribution right, is to drive a bigger car. That's one reason why people tow with a pickup truck more than they tow with an SUV.

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For my Eagle Scout project, my dad and I had to take 10,000 pounds of cinder blocks on his trailer from the city to Irondequoit. We tried to be extra careful to distribute all of the weight so we were extra safe!

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