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Short PSA: Be Smart Around Firearms




If you look real close, you can see that the shotgun won't function anymore. This is what the muzzle looks like after the shot.


Now, if you don't know firearms, that isn't good. At all. And that isn't even mentioning the sharp metal bent backwards, which could stab you in the head if you tried to fire this.

THIS is why you don't obstruct a firearm when firing. THIS is just one reason why you clean your gun often. Obstructions can significantly alter aim, or completely destroy a firearm and mutilate its user.

If you're going to buy or shoot a firearm, just know what you're doing. Most of gun control is just common sense. You might think that gun enthusiasts are stereotypical hillbillies with no common sense, laughing as they wave their gun everywhere. But most gun enthusiasts simply enjoy the sport, and will forcefully stop you if you try anything stupid, because if just 1 person with a gun is an idiot, everyone around them is in danger.


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