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Happy Halloween!




So. I was thinking of what to carve on my pumpkin earlier and thought, "What's something that'll scare the pants off of anyone, even high schoolers?" Bingo, air resistance. Many of us were shaking in our boots when Mr. Fullerton derived a few drag-related equations, but looking back they're not too bad right?

Here's a little review. That long page really boils down to a few key equations:

Air resistance = Fdrag = bv = cv2 , where b and c are constants

VT= (mg)/b

V = VT ( 1 - e(-b/m) )

V = (mg/b)( 1 - e(-b/m) )

a = g e(-b/m)t

Some equations may contain the variable tau, which looks like a backwards J or a T with a tail. I will use T to represent tau. It is a time constant that can be substituted into the equations above. Tau = T = m/b.

I hope that helped a little. Sleep with the lights on tonight, folks. 'Tis the season!


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I dont know, electromagnetism is still the scariest thing for me. I STILL dont understand theright hand rules.... Anyways awesome pumpkin!

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I am not sure who you are, but this is incredibly impressive. Honestly I would riot if I didn't get extra credit for this work. Your pure dedication is admirable!

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An I thought our class couldn't get any nerdier... but I definitely give you props for the impressive carving work. Air drag is certainly a scary topic, and I'm not very excited to see how complicated things get with electromagnetism, given that this is the "easy stuff"

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