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Watching light move



Okay, so, i was using the great and vast world of stumbleupon the other day when i came across this video:


they made a camera that takes video so quickly that it can show light moving and the exact actions of light. Its pretty insane. For all of you MIT applicants: this is what you live in the shadow of. :P

the original article is here:


there are more videos about the camera. The most amazing part is around 9 minutes where he describes the wierdness of how the camera moving so close to the speed of light that it actually distorts time's order within the video. Basically, the camera warps time slightly by bumping against the speed of light when taking video.

Technology is doing some amazing things.


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okay, thats not suspicious, *posted this blog* sarah walks in the room:"you just posted my blog post"... me: "umm...i just stumbled for that video. and their from different sources" wow.... coincidence.

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