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Finite universes with infinite distance



Okay, so stumbleupon is the main reason for many of my blog posts as it contains random interesting facts about physics. A mainly accepted theory about are universe is that it is ever expanding and that there are no ends to the space that space is. But another theory is that we live within a finite universe (of which the expanding material is filling slowly) the has no edge. But how can a universe have no edge and still be finite?

The method behind this lies in explanations starting from the first dimension. If one could only perceive the 2nd dimension (lines) and we drew a circle for this object to follow, it would be able to pass the starting point multiple times while still feeling as if it was continually going. A finite cycle with no endpoint.

therefore we take this into the 3rd dimension that we perceive and we would have to cut through The 4th dimension to make a finite universe with no edges, we just cannot perceive the 4th dimension with human eyes so we do not see the ends, when the ends are really like circles, never ending, just going back to a starting point. But, theoretically, the 4th dimension often is called 'time' but only time in a straight line motion (time travel and parallel universes are the 5th and 6th dimensions respectively.) And according to Einstein gravity especially in large quantities can bend time and space. and since black holes are the largest source of gravity that we know of, could the be the source of the circular pattern and no edged universe that could prove this theory? Or do they exist within an infinitely expanding universe that just spits out matter at another starting point on our infinite plane at a different place?

theoretical physics. it messes with minds O_O.


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