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first quarter in review



Now that the first quarter is coming to a close, i would just like to take a physics and calc review (because most of the class is in calc-bc too, and for those of you who aren't *cough kaila cough* well, your loss.

-In physics we did our first formal lab report which turned out to be a lot easier than expected.

-We also built catapults, which in review was great and i'm glad that some of them didn't snap the arms from tension.

-The Unit that we are currently in- Momentum and Impulse, is our very first alone unit, where we learn on our own, Mr. Fullerton will only come into play every once in a while to say "okay, do you understand this yet, yes-good no-you should." it's bringing independence to our daily lives which I really like. But we will be testing the success of it with the upcoming exam :eek:

-In calc, things continue to get more and more complicated while somehow still making sense as we spiral into specific situations then we go back and look at the larger picture only to find we just finished painting the corner and nowhere near the whole thing (similar but less traumatic feeling with physics)

-Mr. Muz reviewed integrals with us which brought a little light to Mr Fullerton's "wait 'til Mr. Muz does it and you'll understand much better." so now we do!

As said in the last blog post all sciences are connected, and science is connected to math, so I feel that calc holds a special place in my blog to make sense of everything with raw numbers before or as we apply it to real life situations

Thanks for being there for the first great quarter you guys, now that we're waist deep and almost a third of the way to APs, time to put it in full steam ahead to confusion and insanity!

~phil dzielski


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