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XKCD win



Okay, for any of you nerds or science lovers out over there (im on a blog about physics, there better e at least one of you besides me and my sister) you've probably heard about XKCD.

FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT DONT KNOW: its the smartest joke site on the net, everything from politics, to math, to physics, to psychology, jokes abound, i HIGHLY suggest you check it out.:


anywho, i found this one comic about the purity of the sciences and how there isnt just psychology, biology, chemistry physics and other things, their all subareas of other sciences. and science itself is just the study of everything. but this one has a hilarious ending:


and this my friends, is why we need MR. Muz to survive physics AND math and U need Mr. Fullerton to survive chem AND physics they apply to each other, or we could survive the school day with a bottle of motrin, your choice :3


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This is true, but it is also what makes math the hardest. Since it is the building block of science we have no frame of reference when doing math without applications, making it hard to conceptualize.

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Lol, yeah that's pretty much it. Math applies to everything...


...even in the selection of a significant other. Details are very important, especially in calculus-based physics. And love.

(<3 xkcd)

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