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physics of a mowhawk!



The varsity cross country team decided to get mowhawks to get pumped up for thier sectional race this past saturday. As a member of the cross country team i got one as well. Most of our runners had long enough hair to spike it and create very large and excentuated mowhawks. I didn't have enough hair to do that so i got the sides of my hair shaved off and my mowhawk looks like a drag strip right down the middle of my head. This type of mowhawk has some very unique properties. As a runner, i want to maximize my time. My type of mowhawk provides less air resistance that would be provided by my hair. With less hair on the sides of my head, the air can move past my head easier and the strip in the middle of my head can help to split the air on either side of my head. Therefore, when running, a mowhawk may look kind of dumb if the person can't pull it off but it can help improve a runners times on a day where head wind is a problem.

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Just remember that while you may decrease air resistance, you will also be susceptible to rapid heat loss from your head. You now have less hair which help to hold in heat. So you are now more likely to get ammonia from the cold!!!!

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