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playground physics for a cookie



PRESSURE'S ON: First person to answer this correctly gets a cookie. :eagerness:

You're at the playground with a girl you babysit, little Tori McTorque. Being 9 years old and devious, Tori took you wallet and threatened to spend your babysitting money on ice cream and root beer. Kids these days! You chased her over to the see saw, where she and her friend (Lil' Newton) sat happily on one side. You have to think of a way out of this! You don't want all of your hard-earned cash to go to waste, do you? Because physics is always the answer, you decide to make a bet with the little devils.

You propose to Tori that, if you can make the see saw balance with three people on it on your first try, she must give back the wallet. If you fail, Tori will get unlimited ice cream privileges! D:

Knowing off the top of your head that the average weight of 9 year old children is roughly 28 kg and that Tori and Newton are sitting 1 m and .7 m away from the center of the see saw, how far should you place a 61 kg teenager with a mullet from the pivot point?



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