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Pokemon physics... For a cookie!



*yawn* It's a beautiful Tuesday morning and you've awoken from camping in the jagged pass. You stow your tent into the key items pocket and continue on your trek to Lavaridge Town. You're on your merry way, thinking fondly of a dip in the hot springs, when the grass in front of you begins to rustle!


Oh my, a Spoink appeared! Adrenaline pulses through your veins as you shout, "Go, McNugget!" (Mc.Nugget is none other than your lvl 98 torchic).

You quickly break out your pokedex, which informs you that a spoink's tail can stretch up to .3 m from when it rests at equilibrium. You also remember hearing from a passing hiker that it's angular velocity between attacks is 6 rad/sec. Due to torchic's smaller size, it can only use scratch when spoink is closest to the ground. Asuming that torchic can strike as soon as you order him to attack, how soon after spoink starts oscillating from equilibrium position (moving up first, then down) should you tell torchic to use scratch?

...And for those of you who wonder why you didn't delete scratch for a cooler move, I think scratch is the bomb.

Respond now, a cookie is on the line! (This one is larger than the one awarded from the first challenge )

--The Geek


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