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Deep passes in the AFC Championship game



During the AFC football game yesterday night, the wind was blowing really strong from one end of the field to the other. That can be a good and a bad thing for the offenses on each team. The offense driving into the wind will have their quarterback's passes subjected to the wind and his passes won't travel as far. But for the quarterback and his offense traveling the other way, his passes will be thrown with the wind, thus making his passes travel farther with the wind carrying them to some degree. The wind alters the magnitude of the drag force that the air puts on objects in calm conditions. The drag force is given by the equation F= bv or F= cv where b and c are constants of different magnitudes. The wind increases the drag force for the balls thrown into the wind but it decreases the drag force for the balls thrown with the wind. Z

Although one team may have had the advantage for part of the game, the Baltimore ravens won and that is all that matters. Harbaugh superbowl!


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