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Physics of Modeling



I've always wondered why models are so skinny. Beyond fitting the designers clothes, there really seemed to be no point in forcing them to be so thin. This thought made me wonder, is there any other benefit to being so thin, do they move faster down the runway and do they have more momentum? Then I realized, this is a physics problem! So how could I test if skinny models move down the same length runway faster and if they have more momentum, which is what lead me to two basic physics equations

1. V=d/t

2. p=mv

To deal with equation one, and knowing I must solve for V, I would need to time the models and measure the same distance each time. But just from those two measurements I can easily see weight doesn't affect the speed a model walks, no matter how thin they may be.

So moving on to equation 2 and knowing I want to solve for p (momentum), I have to obtain mass and velocity. As I learned in the previous equation, velocity is not affected by mass, but it will still vary regardless of the model. But, as it is seen mass is a variable in the equation! So finally I can see mass does affect momentum!

Overall, skinny models do not walk faster and do have a slower momentum, so whats the big deal in being stick skinny!?


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