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Car Collisions



When a car accident occurs, how can scientists see the change in momentum? After two cars collide and become connected, how is it possible to find the mass, momentum or velocity of either car? Simple, the conservation of momentum. If the vectors of before the crash and after are added up, they will equal each other. This can be written in an equation as:


This is directly related to Newton 3rd Law, which justifies that all gorces come in pairs. But this is not the only physics involved in car crashes. When poth cars are moving towards eachother, they are exterting kinetic energy, and when they both come in contact with eachother, hit and begin to slide their energy is turned into potential. Also, when two cars hit their average velocity will drastically decrease! Who knew car crashes could have so much physics involved!?

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I never knew there could be so much physics in car crashes! I liked how you connected it to newtons third law, great post! 
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