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Lift of a Plane with Physics



There is a lot of physics behind airplanes and how they fly. Many people often wonder how airplanes stay in the sky without falling right to the ground because of gravity. The concept of lift is a key concept that is what drives the physics behind flying. Some new laws also come into play which explain the air's motion around the wing of a plane as it moves through the sky. Bernouili's principle states if air speeds up then the pressure that is on the object lowers. The air which is going faster over the wing creates lift because of the lowered pressure on the wing. This is what allows the plane to rise from the ground.


That was just the basics of air and how it travels around a wing there is however a lot more to it. This is where Newtons third law comes into play. This states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the case of a plane the wing must do something in order for the wind to direct off and create lift. The lift of the wing is similar to the equation F=MA. In this case however you would multiply the amount of air diverted down from the wing times the velocity of that air. Lift also requires power. The amount of power needed to fly a plane is dirrectly porportional to the weight times the vertical velocity of the plane. Basically this means the lighter the plane, the less power needed to fly it. Thats why many Kit planes and other small planes like Piper's only require lower horsepower engines which are usually around 95 to around 200 for smaller planes.

For more informations visit http://www.allstar.fiu.edu/aero/airflylvl3.htm

Im also going to try to end many of my blog posts with a video, here's one of the Redbull stunt plane in action.


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I used to fly alot when i was a kid and i always used to worry that the plane would just.. stop flying.. its good to know that scientists and physics want to keep me safe :)

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