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  1. This year was a good year in physics. I learned a lot about a bunch of different subjects. One of my favorite subjects was kinematics because it applies to a lot of different things. Throughout these blogs posts I used a lot of different kinematic references. My personal favorite was the drifting post because not only is drifting awesome, it can apply to so many different things in physics. The year has been really good though. I really enjoyed all of the labs we did because they were fun and they applied to everything we learned. Good luck to all of next years physics students.
  2. Yes I know bowling is kind of boring compared to some of my other posts but there is actually a lot of physics behind it. One of the main topics or concepts behind it is kinematics. Bowling like anything in motion involves kinematics and forces. If you break it down, bowling is all about velocity and direction of that velocity. Often in bowling once you throw the ball you are looking to get a curve. The following is the general path of the ball and where the best spot on the pins is to get a strike. With this slight curve there are changes in velocity of the ball. Because velocity is a ve
  3. Drifting had a lot to do with physics. I'm just gonna start right in with friction. Friction is one of the essentials when it comes to the physics of drifting. The amount of friction between the tires of a car and the surface depends on a lot of key factors. One factor is the surface and the condition of the surface. The amount of friction between the tires of the car and the surface can change because different surfaces have different patterns and different amounts of resistivity to sliding. On the reference table there is a difference in the coefficient of friction between asphalt and concre
  4. There is a lot of physics behind the wingsuit. Not only is it interesting in how it works but it also looks like loads of fun and I personally would love to do this. Getting back to the physics, it is a really a matter of gravity and aerodynamics which was touched upon in my last post. One of the most common things that you can tie to this is gravity and all of the basic kinematic equations. At what velocity does a wing suit actually travel? A wingsuit actually travels anywhere from 60 to 260 kilometers per hour. In meters per second thats roughly 17 to 72 meters per second. This all depends o
  5. There is a lot of physics behind airplanes and how they fly. Many people often wonder how airplanes stay in the sky without falling right to the ground because of gravity. The concept of lift is a key concept that is what drives the physics behind flying. Some new laws also come into play which explain the air's motion around the wing of a plane as it moves through the sky. Bernouili's principle states if air speeds up then the pressure that is on the object lowers. The air which is going faster over the wing creates lift because of the lowered pressure on the wing. This is what allows the pla
  6. Hey its Matt, i didn't know you were starting a new book.
  7. Hey my name is Matt and i'm a senior. I play two sports, varsity bowling and baseball. I would like to go to RIT and study mechanical engineering. I love cars and i hope to one day open a car restoration/customization shop. I'm looking forward to good year in physics. I'm taking physics to expand my knowledge on the subject. I really don't know much about the subject and i am really looking forward to the experiments and to experiencing everything this class has to offer.
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