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Physics of Portal 2 and the Portal Gun



blog-0725472001367519412.jpgWe have all heard of the game Portal 2. Portal 2 is a strategic game where you use your portal gun to finish tasks given to you by GlaDos and later on a core named Wheatley. Both GlaDos and Wheatley are AI's (Artifical Intelligence) that you interact with all throughout the game. The real physics in this game is the fancy portal gun. The portal gun harnesses the power of wormholes and allows you to shoot them specific surfaces that then allow you to travel from one spot to another in a room. The object of the game is to use this portal gun to complete tasks that then allow you to move on to the next room. Or in some cases to defeat GlaDos or Wheatley.

But some rooms or objects aren't just point and shot and you'll end up in the place you need to be. Momentum also applies in this game. Starting with the portal gun, the portal gun uses the physics of wormhole to transport you from place to place.


What it does is focus the power of a wormhole into one spot that is then shot onto the capable surfaces. It then allows you to shoot another portal of a different color onto another surface that then allows you to move yourself or an object from one spot to another. Wormholes work by shortening the distance between two points.wormhole.jpg

So take that picture above and put it together with the portal gun diagram, you get a working portal gun from the game. And that's not the only bit of physics in this game you also somewhat have the idea of the conservation of momentum too. In this game you sometimes have to get to a a ledge a little higher you across the room. Let's say in this room you have a pit with a capable surface and a wall above you with a capable surface. You shoot one portal in the pit and on the wall then jump into the pit and the momentum you build in jump down carries through the other portal and shoots you across the room.500px-Portal_physics-2.png

And this is the physics of Portal 2 and the infamous Portal Gun.


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