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  1. Sweet that's so cool
  2. Awesome love this movie and nice post
  3. In many of our video games and even in real life we sometimes come into contact with a hunting rifle or sniper rifle. For some games its just point and shoot and you hit him but for some games and in real life you have to compensate for the drop of the bullet. But did you also know that, that bullet you just shot and the case of that bullet as it flies out are hitting the ground at the same time? But back to the drop of the bullet when you fire. When you fire really any gun you have to aim a bit up from your target depending on the distance you are at. Gravity pulls the bullet down even if it
  4. So to all drivers out there where your seat-belt! But could we find a way of making the airbags a little less violent? Sometimes they can cause injures but at the same time like you said above they prevent serious harm.
  5. SO MANY FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he did once exist but due to what we have been presented he could have passed on doing what he loved, making children happy.
  6. The game Need For Speed is a combination of drag racing with drifting added to it to allow for close calls and the love for getting to high speeds. Need For Speed's drag racing portion of the game is based on timing and speed. It is important to keep you speed up and constant to get to the end of the course on time or better. The other portion of this game is drifting, in the game helps you skid and squeak by corners to help make to the end on time. This game is one of my favorites because it is a challenge and the physics of drifting is fun to do. In this game you race cars through a cours
  7. that looks so fun but really tough to do
  8. I never thought of it that way
  9. In the game Assassin's Creed (1, Revelations, 2, Brotherhood, and 3) your objective is to jump, climb, and leap over and off of buildings, through crowds, in and out of carts. You do all this to assassinate people or discover things that help along the way. And the one famous tool that every assassin has is the hidden blade that allows for stealthy kills and quick blocks in a fight. The physics of this game is the angle that you leap off of buildings depending on the distance of the hay bales of the speed of an enemy walking by. Also the set-up of the hidden blade and how it works. This game i
  10. Looks cool. I would want to try it but would need quite a bit of training first on how to control it.
  11. I know it's like a skate board but those things are longer, it must be hard to control them especially at the speeds he is going.
  12. We have all heard of the game Portal 2. Portal 2 is a strategic game where you use your portal gun to finish tasks given to you by GlaDos and later on a core named Wheatley. Both GlaDos and Wheatley are AI's (Artifical Intelligence) that you interact with all throughout the game. The real physics in this game is the fancy portal gun. The portal gun harnesses the power of wormholes and allows you to shoot them specific surfaces that then allow you to travel from one spot to another in a room. The object of the game is to use this portal gun to complete tasks that then allow you to move on to th
  13. prmonigle

    Baseball Swing

    Definitley need to keep this in mind
  14. prmonigle

    Part 1

    I love how in minecraft that with most materials physics doesn't always apply
  15. We’ve all been to the doctors or the hospital before right? Whether it be for broken bones, diseases, blood test, etc. Either way we’ve encountered X-Rays, MRI’s (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or CT Scans (Computed Tomography Scans) because they need to check inside our bodies to see what’s going on. What we know is that X-Rays are used to check for any abnormalities that could go from broken bones to decently sized masses that could be harmful. X-Rays are focused and shot at the certain part of the body. Things like bones or solid masses usually stand out but the reason you wear a lead apron is
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