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  3. Use your kinematic equations. Start by writing what you know (initial velocity is 0, time is 0.3 seconds, and distance traveled can be measured from the drawing). Once you know three things, you can use your kinematic equations to solve for the other two (details here: https://www.aplusphysics.com/courses/regents/videos/KinEqns_Reg/KinEqns_Reg.html)
  4. How do you calculate magnitude of acceleration of a cart during the time interval t=0 second to t=0.30 second? (#7 on p 18 of workbook)
  5. Sorry BrandyBoy72 ... but you got your circumference and area formulae mixed up! Circumference of a circle = 2πr not 2πr2 !! Area of a circle = πr2 Xavier June 2021
  6. Welcome to APlusPhysics Carolyn!
  7. Hello everybody! I'm Carolyn. I am glad to join you for the knowledge of the great science of physics! Carolyn time tracking software
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  9. maya

    Physics of Running

    "When the body uses the calories it has consumed, it is not very efficient at conserving this energy. As the leg muscles contract to propel the runner forward, about 75% of the chemical energy that the runner has consumed is lost due to the heat (thermal energy) that the body gives off as it converts it stores (potential) chemical energy into kinetic energy." Could you please tell me where you have sourced, or if this is a primary source, this statistic from. Thank you.
  10. This is Bala! Great to join the Physics world! Catch up with you all😀
  11. I would like to let the sports bloggers know about a new blog -SchmelkeCue.blog Thanks Om
  12. Actually Youwrong, you’re wrong. His quote when coating the sled is, “it’s a new non-caloric silicone-based kitchen lubricant.” The cereal varnish is something Clark was working on, that his boss asked him for details to include in a speech. Two different items. And your “requires a very easy and quick search...” tone sucks too, especially when (living up to your username) you’re wrong.
  13. Best Badminton Sets Reviews And Guideline For all badminton lovers.
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