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  1. In physics there is gravitational force all around with all objects. Gxm1xm2/r squared. Gravitational force is thanked by the orbits in outsides. Without it we would be non-existing. It's so cool how the moon and earth go around the sun without any problems and give us the seasons!
  2. mreagles04


    What is Newton's third law? For everything action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So you know when you get punched on your birthday right? You know how it hurts? We'll all those newtons are going into your arm but the cool part is that all the newtons you are taking is being pushed right back on your buddies hand. Too bad it hurts you than him
  3. mreagles04

    Christmas Lights

    Electricity is a part of physics. In physics we learned two types of systems that electricity can run through. Series and parallel. If Christmas lights were in a series circuit than if on light bulb went out, all of the light bulbs would go out. Then there would not be any pretty Christmas trees. Luckily parallel circuits if one went out there would still be a pretty Christmas tree due to the electricity flow not fully broken, the electric can still flow.
  4. mreagles04

    Submarine Bombing

    Back when WWII was still around, physics still abled back then, can you believe it. But I all seriousness, back in the 1940's, airplanes would drop gadgets into the water and those gadgets would send waves through the ocean to see if any submarines were underwater. If the wave signal came back the opposite direction, wherever it bounced off was the area of where the submarine was. Waves were useful in military tactics, go physics!
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    There is tons of physics that go along with golf including velocity, distance, time, angle projectiles, gravity, friction, kinetic and potential energy as well. In golf each club has it's own angle. Therefore different distances if you use the saw amount of power or velocity in your shot. Gravity is always the same so we never have to worry about having our golf ball float in the air. I hope the physics in me goes well with tryouts
  6. Lacroose had been around for hundreds of years. Physics on the other hand have been around even since the universe started. Who knows how long that is? But lacroose does involve physics. Lacroose has acceleration of gravity, force, friction, mass, speed and torque. Lacroose involves heavily on the lacroose stick. The stick provides torque to make the shot faster and with more power. Firction is involved as well decreasing the amount of velocity. Friction could also being on the ground when a ground shot is thrown. When a shot is thrown acceleration of gravity is in effect. The mass of the players as well as there velocity of the players equals the force of the player. I honestly didn't know the mechanies being involved in lacrosse till I took physics. Im glad i did.
  7. When kicking a soccer ball there are a few mechanies involved. There is mass, velocity or speed, power, height, fricition, force, and distance. With just kicking a soccer ball all of these mechanies are included. If yuo want to know the distance when you can kick the ball can use some kinematic equations like v(avg) equals distance over time. Of course if you're trying to find the it would be v(avg) times time. You also have to keep in mind of friction and the mass of the ball as well as height. All of these mechanies can inpact just the distance of a ball. One more thing, to get the max distance you kick the ball at 45 degree area. This information it=s a part of projectile mtion of horizontal distance. The more power obviously the more velocity or speed the ball will have more ditance.
  8. mreagles04

    Physics of Hockey

    Hey, my name is Theo and I am a senior at Irondquoit high school and I am taking Physics because I am taking as many sciences as I can to impress colleges to hopefully get into a decent college and get a great education toward a major in biochemisrty. I am an overall athlete but my sport that I love and live for is hockey. Maybe sometime doing a game, physics can really help me if my team needed sometime to happen. Honestly physics interests me so I am excited about the rest of the year. As we know physics is involvoed with everything. Sports especially. Hockey definietly deals with gravity, energy, force, acceleration, friction, mass, and momentum. For passing the puck it deals with force with trying to move in on to the next player. Gravity maybe involved in the pass is in the air or maybe it's on the ice and friction palys a role. Both impact where and how far it is going. Momentum and acceleration when hitting a player impacts the results of the collision as well as the mass of the player. Shooting on the other hand involves force, mass, friction, and power. To fire a slapshot or a wrist shot, mass and force involves is controlled by the player proventing the power as well. If the shot is on the ice friction is calculated into the equation. Hopefully with physics and the proper technique, you will have a solid shot. I used physics everyday, before I didnt even know it but no i can excel thanks to physics.
  9. Hey way to go on becoming an Eagle Scout. That looks so good on college applications. I think we all will learn some interesting this year. I bet we can connect everything that we think of. Like you can connect to soccer as well as your adventures with your troop. And I can connect to hockey. It will be a challenge but we can handle.
  10. I also play an instrument. I play the trumpet. I play in the band but I can't bag too much because I know I'm not very good. Anyways I too am excited about this year the way Mr. Fullerton introduced physics today, I think we all are going to have fun!
  11. Hey Mr. Fullerton, when I'm not at school, I really like to hang with my friends. Most of the time I play video games with my friends or I play street hockey. My closet frineds are her at Irondequoit but lots of my friends are from other schools so it hard the hang out with them. Good thing is I get to see those friends at the hockey rink. I love hockey, that's my favorite sport. Also play soccer and lacrosse but hockey is the number one deal for me. The reason I chose to take on physics is because I want to become a Immunogloy and I would to get as many sciences that I can. I'm also taking AP Bio this year. I think also that Physics will help me get into a good college showing that I took many science class pes as we'll as some background information for my future career.
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