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    Physics class is so interesting and attention grabbing to me. I enjoy physics class but only when I can totally understand what we're doing and what's going on. Right now we're working on circuits and electricity which I find really easy and fun. I like putting together circuits and seeing if they work or not. I like series circuits more than parallel circuits because it's easier to fill out the V IRP table than it is to fill out the table for a parallel circuit. Physics has been going fairly OK for me so far during the third quarter. I really tremendously appreciate the fact that Mr.Fullerton let us students make up the videos we'd missed over these past couple of weeks because I was behind on them but I'm all caught up now. I plan on doing really well on our next "celebration of learning" this week so that my grade can go up even higher. I plan on seeking extra help as well so that I can do my total best on each and every exam we have from now on, including the final exam
  2. cierraw
    There is a lot of physics involved in the game of bowling. Potential energy is one component of physics that is involved in bowling. Depending on the height from where the bowler releases the ball, the ball has some potential energy. Bowlers who bowl straight balls have to make sure that the ball stays as close to the lane as possible upon release because, if the bowler bowls a straight ball the potential energy will not affect the game a lot but it will draw attention to the bowler when they drop the ball very high for others to laugh at.
    Bowlers who bowl with a hook ball are more at risk than straight ball bowlers. The more potential energy the ball has upon release, the longer it will bounce as it travels down the lane. This makes the ball less likely to catch friction in the lane.
  3. cierraw
    Physics plays a huge role in swimming. The swimmer's stroke and efficiency has a lot to do with physics.There are three main types of drag that act on a swimmer: friction, wave, and pressure drag. Frictional drag is the result of the interaction between the swimmer’s body and the water molecules and serves to slow down the swimmer. Newton's Third Law is apart of swimming because this drag also propels the swimmer through the water. Force is also apart of physics that is involved in swimming. The mose important forces that is taken into consideration are the lift forces. These are defined as forces in a plane perpendicular to the direction of the water flow.
  4. cierraw
    There is definitely physics in trigonometry. The three trigonometry functions that are also used in physics are: sine, cosine and tangent also known as SOH CAH TOA, as we say in Mr.Fullerton's class. We also use the Pythagorean Theorem in physics, which is a2+ b2 = c2. We use the pythagorean theorem when we are adding vectors. In physics problems you are given the magnitude of a vector which is the hypotenuse of a right triangle and one of the angles in the triangle. You then need to determine the x and y components of the triangle. Those are the popular functions from trig that we often use in physics as well.
  5. cierraw
    There is physics in running track, especially in sprinting. Forces are acting upon the runner and they are actually more important than how fast the limbs are moving in the body when you're trying to run faster. Runners over the years have learned to use some of the forces to their advantage. One force that runners can use to their advantage is gravity. In order for gravity to help the runner, the runner must lean foward. Leaning helps gravity pull the runner foward, which causes the runner to run faster and enter the finish line quicker. Leaning also makes the work on the runner's legs easier.
  6. cierraw
    I enjoy physics class so far, I've learned a lot in only one month and I am still learning new material every day. My first exam didn't go as well as I expected it to but it was due to careless mistakes and lack of reading the question slowly and carefully. I also enjoy having Mr.Fullerton as a teacher because he believes in making mistakes on tests and seeking help to correct mistakes that were made the first try. I am seeking help on the skills that I didn't do so well on and I will take a reassessment to correct my mistakes that I made on the motion graphs test. I also enjoy the fact that there's other teachers available to help me in case Mr.Fullerton is busy or helping another student. I look foward to physics this year and learning more new material. I plan on paying more attention in class and asking more questions so that i'll be better prepared for the tests that have yet to be given. My physics class is fun and entertaining, my class members are funny and outgoing and even though I don't really know anyone they all are very nice and don't mind working with me and I admire that.
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