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  1. Launch Report and Debrief Launch Time: 8:43 Team Members Present: Dan and Brendan Play-by-Play: We launch. Off to a good start. Straight flying. Going as planed. First detachment went smoothly. Reached 10km. reached 20km. going smoothly. 30km, 40km, and we’ve reached 50 km. starting descent. Descent going smoothly. Last detachment, just the command pod left. Back down to 30 km. deployed at 4km. landed safely. . Time-of-Flight: 7:10 Summary: We launched with the sole goal to get high in the air. We achieved this goal with flying colors. We made sure we had plenty of fuel and the resources f
  2. Pre-Launch Design Release Team Name: Conuay Conglomerates. Available Funds: $100,000 Vehicle Name: Krash n’ Burn Vehicle Parts List and Cost: $13,367.20 MK1 Command Pod MK16 Parachute FL-T400 Fuel Tank x3 LV-T30 Liquid Fuel Engine Tr-18A Stack Decoupler TT-70 Radial Decoupler x3 GBACC “Thumper†Solid Fuel Boosdter x3 AeroDynamic Nose Cone x3 Standard Canard Design Goals: Our Vehicle is designed to go up 50 Km into the air and return safely to the ground. To achieve this we are making sure our vehicle has the proper engines and fuel tanks to reach that height. Then we have many
  3. Many of us enjoy looking at optical illusions, but why do our eyes lie to us????? Although each illusion has it's own reason, and scientists still don't know all the reasons, it comes down to one thing. Our brain makes assumptions. Our brain uses context of our surroundings to make split second assumptions. This is helpful in everyday life and back when we were hunters and gatherers and needed to make split second decisions in the wild. Our eyes don't show us what's really there just what we need to see. It uses the surrounding environment to make conclusions. This is done by using shado
  4. In physics you learn about waves. However, many people don't realize that waves are every where. A rubens tube is a tube with natural gas pumped through it with holes in the top. when a steady vibration is used on the tube, a standing wave is formed. It has nodes and anti nodes like any wave. When you put a lot of vibrations through, like say music, the effect is very cool. Most rubens tubes are just a linear single tube, in this video however, it goes into 2 dimensions the result is amazing.
  5. The video below shows a very cool experiment. It shows how the flow of water changes when a vibration is applied. water reacts very strangely when it is vibrated. enjoy
  6. Many cultures and spiritual factions speak of the importance of frequencies and vibrations. many cultures believe it plays an important role in nature. Certain frequencies create geometric shapes as the frequency increases, the patterns get more complex.
  7. A fluid that flows past a surface of a body exerts a force on it. Lift is the perpendicular component to the oncoming flow, of this force. It is the opposite of a drag force. Aerodynamic lift is different from other kinds of lift. Aerodynamic lift requires relative motion of the fluid. It usually refers to when an object is completely immersed in a fluid. Lift is what makes it possible for a plane to fly. Lift is also used in Frisbees. As man takes to the sky, we owe much to the power of lift forces.
  8. When people think of the light bulb, they just think of Edison. That is not the case. in 1802, Humphry Davy created the first electric light. He heated carbon with a battery until it started to glow. This was known as the electric arc lamp. This invention didn't work because it didn't last very long and was just too bright for an practical uses. In 1840, Warren de la Rue enclosed a coiled platinum filament in a vacuum tube and passed an electric current through it. The design was based on the fact that the height melting point of platinum would allow it to operate at high temperatures an
  9. Skyrim is one of My favorite games ever. There is a lot of good physics in the game, but that's not nearly as fun as the bad physics. This is what happens when physics goes wrong.
  10. Plasma is one of the four states of matter. You have plasma in your light bulbs, TV's, and the sun. Plasma is created by ionization. A gas is heated or put in a magnetic field. Plasma is a good conductor and therefore has a very small electric field. Plasma is the most common state of matter in the universe. It is a very important pat in the fusion of light atoms. Plasma is often confined to a small region for fusion to take place in reactors. Plasma is a key part of solving the energy crisis we are facing. Plasma is vital to the universe and is very important to us as humans. Plasma is
  11. Continuing, another important part of the game is the weaponry. To start, there is a weopan class called fusion rifles. The game offers no insight into how these guns work but the only assumption I can draw is that it has something to do with fusion. My theory is that there is some sort of nuclear energy generated by fusion and is somehow controlled and then fired from the wopen. There would be a lot of physics in the charging/splitting of atoms all in a short a series of short bursts. There is also less exciting physics. For example there is a ton of projectile motion with the throwing
  12. Destiny is a video game devolved by the company Bungie. Bungie has experience with theoretical physics after they made the Halo series. Destiny is one of the most expensive games ever made, which brings up an important question. Did they do a good job? The first thing to look at is the little details. The capes the shadows, the lighting, and so on. In this, in my opinion, they did a good job. The game looks and feels fantastic. There are many flaws with this game, but all in all, they did a good job on the little things. The little physics is easy to miss but helps move the game along seaml
  13. A golf swing is much like a slap shot in hockey. A good golf swing is vital in the game of golf. A golf swing is almost all rotational energy. A higher velocity means more rotational energy. The more energy in your swing leads to more energy transferred to the golf ball. The more energy you can transfer to ball the farther it will go. The angle at which the club hits the ball is also important. You want the face of the club to be completely flat when it comes into contact with the ball. If it makes contact at an angle, it will cause the ball to spin. The spin of the ball causes friction
  14. Hockey is a fast paced sport full of physics. A prime example is the slap shot. The slap shot is basically a large rotational force. The player is rotating his body and uses the stick as essentially an extension of his body. You can calculate the force by finding the impulse on the puck. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcielx6_ArQ This is a video of Zedeno Chara at the 2012 all star competition By simple physics equations, we can find out that his stick is rotation at 12.4 radians per second! That's pretty amazing we also can find out that chara was able to bow his stick almost
  15. Acoustic guitars work a lot like electric guitars and basses(see previous blog posts). They have six strings. The note the string plays depends on the frequency. The frequency depends on the length, mass and tension of the string. So that means that you'll have to tune and string your guitar differently depending on what strings you use. When you play a note, the strings vibrate and produce a sound. The note produced depends on the frequency. This is pretty much universal in all string instruments. You can alter this by changing the length, so pressing down on the frets, the tension, use th
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