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  1. Keep in mind that I'm a regents physics dropout, so please bear with me: I'm going off to college in less than two weeks. Earlier tonight I was organizing four big magnets I found to bring with me, when my mom came in and started rambling on about my textbooks. Absentmindedly I began to fiddle with these magnets, when I discovered that they all attached to each other. I said to myself, "SELF. They shouldn't all be attracted to each other! What about opposite poles? If I've got two sets, each set has a north and south magnetic field--opposites attract!" So my question is, why isn't there any repelling going on between the two sets? Shouldn't there be a combination of these magnets that would result in two sets of repelling magnets? Thanks a bunch!
  2. Wow. Those crazy catapults are due in 4 days.*whine*

  3. Method A, which we used in class to measure maximum height, had a very high percent error. Because we had to time ourselves in the air, it might have been difficult to actually get a correct time. I know in my group we had to redo our jumping about a zillion times because we had issues with starting and stopping the stopwatch correctly, so the lack of accuracy with the stopwatches most likely contributed to the extremely high percent error. Instead of someone measuring the amount of time one is in the air with a stopwatch, a more accurate, state-of-the-art way to measure time would be to use a motion detector. Putting it at ground level, it could show how long one would be off the ground when they jump. It'd be more reliable than having someone time it themselves, because the monitor would be the one timing the space between the jump instead of a person working a stopwatch.
  4. I still feel bad you've posted on my page more than I have to yours, but not so much anymore cuz you didn't answer -.- Oh well. How'd that physics test go today? Yay? Nay? Hehe. I'm stilllll doing corrections. This is taking way too long. I suck. Sigh.

  5. Just over a month ago, when I walked into physics class for the first time, I thought it'd be a drag like all the other science classes I had to take. I was that girl who's heart was filled with trombone, head filled with music and the only reason for taking physics was because my counselor made me; I had absolutely no interest in the course and that was the attitude I assumed would carry throughout the entire year. Why did I care what physics had to do with my life? What did it matter? Then, probably a week ago, I found myself thinking more and more about physics. When I looked around me, I started wondering what type of physics is involved at what I was seeing. What physics is involved in a trombone slide? What physics is involved with the sound I hear when music is played? While walking home, I began thinking about the physics of airplanes, of cars, of myself--and tonight it finally hit me that physics is all around, that it's everything. I'm seeing things in a new perspective; I'm questioning more, I want to learn more. I don't view things the way they appear anymore--I look at something and wonder how physics is involved. Even though in class we're still working on free-fall, I can't begin to describe how much I've learned so far--and it's only October. Last month, I was just another girl forced to take another class she didn't care about. Today, I'm a person who's seeing everything differently; who constantly questions things and constantly wants to learn more, all because of physics. And it's awesome.
  6. I feel bad because you've posted on my page three times and I've only done so twice to yours. Let's fix that. Ahem. PHYSICS!!!!

  7. oh dude you were on here today ;)

  8. Attractive lump of Carbon. Enter obnoxious smiley face. :labmate)Enter joke about tennis during gym today. Laugh. Complain about how late it is (1:45 am). Enter another strange smiley face, :P and hit 'Post Message'. Quality.

  9. Hey, I know you. I'll try my hardest to pay attention so I can help you when you decide not to. I PWOMISE!!
  10. Ohaaiii gym/physics/chem buddy :D YOU amuse me! In many ways! (but yes, the icons are quite amusing)

  11. Hey there gym/Physics/chem buddy :D :wave) <-- this amuses me :D

  12. 1. Hey there. Since I can't use my real name, I'm lemonlime799. I play trombone (which I'll probably go to school for), I secretly am really good at cooking (which I want to go to school for) and I pretty much love awesome things (like Phineas and Ferb, crazy socks, various musical artists, poetry, etcetc). 2. A year ago I was extremely interested in going into a science-related field (specifically forensics), so I had everything planned out and researched how much physics is involved in life...and even though I'm probably not doing what I wanted to last year, I still want to learn about physics, especially how it relates to everything alllll the time in life. 3. I just want to know more. I love learning, and knowledge is something I love having. I know a lot about things related to the arts and whatnot, but I really would like to widen what I know. 4. Well...I don't know too much about physics, so I'm not really sure what topic I'm most anxious about...how about getting good grades? Does that count? c(: 5. a) I can actually do all my homework, as much as it will be. Really try to understand what I'm learning instead of just listening and writing down notes. c) Don't be afraid to ask a zillion questions. ...I write a lot, I'm sorry. But I truly am excited for this class and I can't wait to see how much I learn this year! --lemonlime799
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