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  1. Particle colliders are good because scientists have been able to discover the building blocks of all things. particle accelerators led to discovery of the quarks, advacnes in the medical industry, discoveries iin astrophysics. It has led to the discorvery of the higgs boson which is though to be the cause of gravity. this could lead to fuel less space travel which would expand our horizons.
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    Mountain Biking has an endless list of things that are physics, from the static friction of rolling tire to kinetic friction of a tire skidding to the force applied by your feet on the pedals or the force applied by your fingers on the brake levers. I bike a lot in summer and even sometimes in the winter, but the best story I have of biking pertaining to physics took place on a rainy summer day. My friend and I were biking and we got to a board walk and both had the same idea, that wet board walk is going to be really slippery lets go screw around on it. Well I dart over to the board walk and
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    What Seth, you're not interested In paintball anymore
  4. My name is Zach I'm a junior at Irondequoit High school some of my hobbies are Biking, paintball, and atving. I'm taking physics because everything about it interests me more than chem. I'm excited for later in the year when we get to start doing some cool labs.
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