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  1. A guitar string has a number of frequencies at which it will naturally vibrate. These natural frequencies are known as harmonics. The frequency at which an object vibrates at depends upon the tension of the string, the linear density of the string and the length of the string. Each of these natural frequencies or harmonics is associated with a standing wave pattern. Also, the length of strong required to produce a natural frequency could be predicted by using the wave equation (v= frquency x wavelength).
  2. When my sister was younger, we were playing on the playground with my cousins and they all began to be rude to my sister. She decided to leave so she sped away at 10 m/s as her initial velocity. Her final velocity soon became 0 when she ran into a swing and fell to the ground. It took her 2 meters off the ground for about 3 seconds. She went a distance of about one meter before falling. We all made sure she was okay before we proceeded to laugh as she ran away crying. ðŸ˜
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    Whether or not you would think so, there is much physics in music. For, each note has a different wavelength and frequency. Notes with higher frequencies have smaller wavelengths than those with lower frequencies. Also, throwback to that app for that loud annoying frequency that only students were supposed to be able to hear. The reason for that is because, the older you get, the harder it becomes to hear higher frequencies, but when you're younger you can normally hear them well. So what that app would do was have a high frequency where adults couldn't hear past due to age and then they would have no clue why everyone had their hands over their ears as if they heard an annoying sound.
  4. Sound is acoustic energy. Energy is energy. If you yell at your coffee cup, some of the sound energy emitted by you toward the cup will be reflected off, but some will be absorbed into the cup, scattering and becoming heat. However, the amount of energy involved is small.
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    Mia casa

    Recently in physics we learned about parallel circuits. One example of a parallel circuit I deal with every day is my house. What this means is that if one light bulb or circuit blows, everything else does not stop working except that one thing. In a series circuit, however, it is the complete opposite. It's like a big loop. Parallel circuits connect separate items to one power source.
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    That's interesting...it sounds fun!
  7. Chewy sounds cute & you did a nice long blog post! Really detailed
  8. While in our hotel in NYC, my little sister decided to jump on the glass coffee table. Not a smart idea. Unfortunatley, her force was greater than the force of the table and she ended up going through it. Although the table created a force back on her, her force was greater, which the table could no longer hold, which is why the table broke. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
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    The Race

    My sister and I were leaving the store and we decided to have a race back to the car. I told her that I could get there first and she claimed that she could. My initial velocity was 3 m/s and hers was 2 m/s. The distance was a mere 20 feet. I got to the car within 10 seconds and she got there in thirteen seconds. I, of course, won the race. Due to my starting velocity being greater than hers, although both accelerations were constant.
  10. So, recently for physics we were assigned a project of constructing a catapult to help us better understand the concept of projectile motion. This project taught me a lot. On the day of the launch, we got a certain distance that the softball we shot went, we had a certain initial velocity and final velocity and also a certain time it took to go x distance. The acceleration was constant. This helped us relate to what we were learning in class about projectile motion because it was a first hand experience of it.
  11. A few years ago, it was fall and my dad was making my neighbor clean the leaves out of our gutters. My neighbor had to climb a distance of 30 feet to get on top of the roof. While he was up there, he accidentally slipped. He fell with a constant acceleration of 9.81 m/s ^2 due to gravity. And his speed was .5 meters per second for the whole two seconds it took him to reach the ground. He was very upset after he fell, but he was alright.
  12. So, the other day I was walking down my driveway after it had just rained. I was in a rush to get to school because I have physics everyday, which I just love so much. While on the way to my car I slipped and fell. I fell due to the low amount of friction my shoes against the slippery driveway had, or in this case didn't have. The smoother something is, the less friction it has. This is called the nature of the surface. Kinetic friction is what friction while sliding is called and static friction is not sliding.
  13. This was interesting and funny to read
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