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    Nowadays, renewable energy becomes more and more of a problem. Rather, the fossil fuels we use to create energy are the problem, and renewable energy is the solution. We’ve tried wind, solar, water, nuclear, and plant energies as alternatives to gasoline and coal. But, one extremely promising form of energy yet remains: fusion. We currently use only fission to create energy, which is the process of dividing large molecules by shooting various particles at it. However, this process has many dangers. It creates large amounts of radioactive waste, can lead to meltdowns, and can be use
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    Einstein had some pretty crazy theories about the universe. One of his most famous may be that no object may accelerate up to or beyond the speed of light. However, few know the implications of this startling discovery. One instance put across is the idea that when an object moves faster, it actually gains more mass. This is because all particles in the universe are said to exist within a field called the Higgs Field. This field is responsible for the mass of all objects in existence. The Higgs Field is an energy field, and when an object passes through it at a certain velocity, it
  3. PaperBoy

    Quantum Suicide

    That sounds a lot like the Schrodinger's Cat Theory. Are they the same thing?
  4. PaperBoy

    Grapple Zapple

    Everybody loves a good hero. But, are they realistic? Some of our favorite crusaders - Batman, Link, Green Arrow - use grappling hooks to get around. I wonder if they’d work like in the games and movies. Let’s say Batman is trying to get into Arkham Asylum to teach some no good-nicks what he thinks of this whole “rehabilitation” thing. He needs to get two floors up, which is about 6.6 m. And, like in the movies, he needs to rocket up that distance, let’s say at about 6 m/s. The average man weighs 70 kg, but Batman is pretty buff, so we’ll make it 75 kg. We can calculate the work ne
  5. PaperBoy

    Winter Wonderland

    Rochester winters are famous for their snow, and the next one isn’t far off. The more the merrier I say, except when it's that really dense, slushy snow that clogs up your driveway. Unless of course, you're using it to peg some random stranger with. But what if it breaks up like mine always do? Will it still hit the mark? Let's say we have a nice big snowball, separated into three chunks. The dense center has a mass of .02 kg. The next, slightly less dense section has .01 kg, and the outer ring is fluffy snow with .005 kg, for a total of .035 kg. It's thrown from a teenage boy's ar
  6. PaperBoy

    Call of Physics

    Any way you slice it, it's still bologna. By that I mean if you get hit with this bullet no matter what you will be turned into deli meat.
  7. I'm sure everyone reading this knows what a sniper rifle is. You know: long barrel, cylindrical scope, big long bullets, used for long range and heavily armored targets. But, what you might not know is how powerful one is. The standard NATO sniper rifle bullet is the .5 BMG. Made in 1921, the most powerful version of that cartridge is about .052 kg, and leaves the rifle at 882 m/s. p = mv, so p = (.052)(882) = 45.86 Ns. That big fat hunk of copper has about 50 Ns of life in it. Now, the average adult human head weighs about 4.5 - 5 kg. Seen as how I'm writing this I'll use myself as the test s
  8. Recently I discovered something about Position vs. Time graphs that I found fascinating. Did you know there are far more than 2 derivatives of the relationship? Acceleration and velocity hardly scratch the surface! Here's a list for all you position fanatics out there: Derivative: Name: -5 Absounce -4 Abserk -3 Abseleration -2 Absity -1 Absement (Absition) 0 Position (Displacement) 1 Velocity 2
  9. Wow, I've never heard of anyone wanting to be an astrophysicist other than me. That's really cool! Maybe we'll cross paths again in the workplace. Don't you quit on me! P.S. Don't worry about the math, nobody's totally ready for it. It's calculus, we'll learn as we go!
  10. I'm an AP Physics C student who loves to be silly and goof around whenever I can. I enjoy physics, mathematics, astronomy, programming, engineering, swimming, definitely not cooking, listening to music, and Super Lawn Chair Fighters 3000. My favorite music genres are rock, alternative rock, and heavy metal (though there aren't many good heavy metal bands in my opinion, just a lot of screaming). Since I was maybe 9 years old I've wanted to be an astrophysicist, and that hasn't really changed. I'm taking this class to further my knowledge in an area i truly enjoy studying, unlike most of school.
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