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  1. Every time theres a huge storm its hard to keep our eyes off the pounding rain on the pavement, or dark clouds or the lightning that zaps out of the sky to the ground and is gone in a moments notice. The sudden flash of light isn't just to scare children or puppies though, its actually an act of nature and physics, believe it or not. Lightning is based off of the physics of electromagnestim, which is the science of the interactions between charges, electric fields and electric currents. Lightning is caused by the build up of electrostatic charge in clouds. Within this electrostatic build up, o
  2. Next time I throw a dart I will definetly be thinking about this!
  3. Thats interesting I never thought the altitude of a balloon could be affected so much, I always believed like in the wizard of oz, hot air balloons could take you to imaginary lands.
  4. With The Amazing SpiderMan being filmed in the city of Rochester, I'm sure a lot of people are curious: how does he do it?! How strong does spidermans web need to be? How much force does it need for Spiderman to be a successful superhero? Is it likely that if we were about to fall off a cliff Spiderman could catch us with his web and save us just in time? What about if we were about to drive off a cliff in a car? What about a train? Spiderman has to have some pretty amazing talents to be able to save the day, but we don't know if its actually realistic. It would sure be nice to know that if my
  5. A lot of people wouldn't know that singing actually involves a great deal of physics, for example the carrying of sound from a singer to the listener, has to do with mechanical waves. Different people have different types of voices for singing, the most common difference in peoples singing voices is their range of voice. Voice ranges can reach very high notes, or they can reach very low notes. A good singer is most likely able to hit very low notes as well as very high notes. The pitch, or the high or lowness that someone can sing, is associated with frequencey. Sound is a mechanical wave b
  6. Katrina, Leah, and Holly. This method had such a high percent error for us because of the gap between actually time and when the stop watch was hit. Another factor that could cause the high percent error is when knees are bent, it makes the time longer because of the effort needed to bend down, then jump up. smaller times are more accuature because it is the actual time in the air, the distance found through equations were so much greator because our times were when leaving the ground, and not simply in the air. therefore there are many factors that can contribute to such a high percent er
  7. The young physicists, Katrina Bruzda, Holly Ferguson, and Leah Warner have calculated the acceleration due to gravity in a new manner! Check this out: they used a soft red ball, and a meter stick and a lovely red stop watch to calculate the acceleration of the red ball. Starting out these girls knew the acceleration due to gravity on earth is 9.81 m/s squared, and they set out to prove this theory true. To do this, each time they set the red ball at the top of the meter stick and recorded the time it took the ball, from the time it dropped to the time it hit the floor. Knowing this new data an
  8. Leah, Katrina, Holly, Sarah 9/11/12 Speeding Lab 1.In the speeding lab, we were measuring the speed of cars to see if cars were going over the speed limit, which was 35 mph or 15.6 meters per second. The project was to come up with an experiment to find out how many cars were speeding on the road in front of our school. We needed to find a way to gather information so accurately determine the amount of cars speeding. 2. - We took a tape measure, a stop
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