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  1. DanBaker

    High Frequencies

    So interesting! I wonder what frequency the speakers were producing and if it was just a coincidence or not that it was in the range of healthy young adult hearing and not in the elder range. No fair that we have to miss out!
  2. DanBaker

    Torque Team

    You mean to tell us you can earn money by doing physics?!
  3. Very interesting! I'd never considered the rotational axis of a spinning coin before. I had to try it out as soon as I read your post, neat!
  4. Very interesting (and sounds like a lot of fun too!). I'd think about what shoe designers are really going for though, do you think your shoes need a high kinetic or static coefficient of friction?
  5. DanBaker

    Tennis and Rain

    Indeed, plenty of fun friction going on with tennis! Ever play on clay courts? They can be a load of fun, but they certainly change things significantly!
  6. One of the most exciting things about learning physics is that we get to start to try to answer "why" questions: why is the sky blue? why does the Sun rise in the East? Learning new and modern physics can be thrilling because of the explanatory power of the theories we read about and the experiments that have been done, but sometimes we should return to these "why" questions and really examine what it means to answer a "why." One of my favorite physicists to read and learn from is Richard Feynman, and here's his take on why questions. He challenges us to consider how we answer a why question, and what implications this might have for us as students of physics. Enjoy!
  7. That perspective of not only looking at AP-C as an opportunity for increasing your physics understanding but also a place that will equip you with experiences that can be applied elsewhere in life is fantastic! The same lens you use to apply physics to real-life problems is so useful no matter what you do. Failing definitely happens, whether large or small; just keep that perspective of learning from those mistakes and using them as opportunities rather than barriers. Often you'll find that it was better to fail once and succeed the next time!
  8. I'm with you there, though the been-there, done-that physics certainly has its place, that cutting edge physics is what really keeps us coming back! Astrophysics is definitely fascinating; if you have a passion for it, you should go for it! Even if it doesn't end up as a career, the great thing about physics is that it gives you a perspective on the world that finds uses in every field!
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