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Kinematics and Gravity Lab by Hannah, Ally, and Mary E


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The breaking news is in! physicists in Irondequoit High School have discovered a way to calculate the acceleration due to gravity. with precise accuracy with only an error of 3.2% Ally, Hannah and Mary E. have calculated the average of acceleration to be 9.50m/s^2. this was done by using a magical red ball and a timer to determine the acceleration. they had to endure standing on a table and measuring the height of the ball to the floor and then using the timer, dropping the ball and timing how long it took for the ball to reach the floor. 5 trials later they received an average of .724 seconds overall. next, the calculators were whipped out as they used the equation d=(vi)t+(1/2)at^2. after filling in the distance which equaled 2.49 meters from the ball to the floor and the time being 0.724 seconds and the initial velocity of the ball being 0m/s the acceleration came out to be 9.50m/s^2. from around America people have calculated the average g to be 9.81m/s^2 concluding that the girls of Irondequoit have come up with a percent error of 3.2% by using the kinematic equation. this breaking news report has been brought to you from room 3033 by the mastermind students. Have a wonderful day America :D

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