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Hooke's Law Introduction - Force of a Spring

Hooke’s law is demonstrated and graphed. Spring constant, displacement from equilibrium position, and restoring force are defined and demonstrated.

Want Lecture Notes? This is an AP Physics 1 topic.

Content Times:
0:01 Robert Hooke
0:46 Compressing a spring using a force sensor
1:33 Graphing force as a function of position
2:14 Hooke’s Law
3:07 Demonstrating displacement from rest position
5:20 Demonstrating the spring constant
6:15 What the negative in Hooke’s Law means
7:02 The spring constant is positive
7:54 The restoring force
8:33 Elastic limit

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Thank you to Youssef Nasr for transcribing the English subtitles of this video.

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