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KT Explorations Inc.


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Team Name: KT Explorations Inc.

Available Funds: $100,000

Vehicle Name: The Speedy Boi

Vehicle Parts List and Cost: 1. MK16 Parachute $422 2. MK1 Command Pod $600 3. FL_T100 Fuel Tank $150 4. LV909 Terrier LFE $390 5. TR18 Stack Decoupler x2 $800 6. FL_T400 Fuel Tanks x3 $1500 7. LV_T45 Swivel LFE $1200 8. 1.25 m Heat Shield $300 9. AVTR8 Winglets x2 $1000 10. RT_10 Hammer SLB x2 $800 11. Aerodynamic Nose Cones x2 $480 12. TT_38K Radial Decoupler x2 $1200

Total: $8842*(10% Foreign Enterprise Tax) = $9,726.2


Design Goals: Our vehicle is designed to launch off of Planet Kerbin and achieve a steady orbit of a little over 70,000 meters over the surface of the planet.

Launch Goal: We are hoping to learn the requirements of making it out of the atmosphere and create a steady orbit so we may be able to escape Kerbin from there at later times. We expect to get the "Stable Manned Orbit," "Stable Orbit," "Manned Launch to 50 km," "Manned Launch to 10 km," and "Launch to 10 km," milestones.

Pilot Plan: The pilot will be flying to 100 m/s and start to tilt due East. The pilot will then work his/her way to a 45 degree ascent with respect to the ground around 15,000 m above the surface of Kerbin. From there, the pilot will burn until the apoapsis reaches 70,000 m above Kerbin and will cut the burn. When the pilot is close to apoapsis, he/she will burn at the prograde until the orbit is around the entire planet and the periapsis is a little above 70,000 m. They will then reach the final stage of the rocket and return to Kerbin by burning at retrograde around the time the pilot reaches the periapsis, and will parachute to the ground!

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Launch Report and Debrief

Launch Time: 23 minutes

Team Members Present: Both Ethan and Rachel


  • Turn SAS on
  • Begin stage 4-solid state and liquid fuel engines
  • At aprox. 100 m/s start to turn 10 degrees east and 15 km want 45 degrees
  • Run prograde and burn until apoapsis at aprox. 70km
  • Stage 3 occurs when solid fuel engines run out and liquid fuel engine still runs
  • Cut fuel after 70km
  • Let Jebediah relax until getting close to the apoapsis
  • Stable orbit is achieved when the periapsis is over 70 km
  • Orbit at 4 min and 40 seconds into launch
  • Retrograde turn to begin descending 
  • Begin burning up and decreasing speed rapidly through the atmosphere
  • At 2500 m the parachute was released and safe descent achieved at 6 m/s
  • 32:30 Jebediah was safely on the ground and EVA
  • 33:40 The Speedy Boi was recovered



Time-of-Flight: 33:40

Summary: This flight was a great success for Kerbin-kind and for KT Explorations Inc. Jebediah Kerbin and the KT Explorations Inc. team was able to achieve a stable orbit at a little over 70 km over the surface of Kerbin, and after enjoying the view for about 20 minutes, Jebediah safely returned to Kerbin with a huge smile on his face. To move forward, we must be able to figure out how to leave the orbit of Kerbin to make it to the Mun, Minmus, and beyond!

Opportunities / Learnings: We learned how to officially get into the orbit, and how to return safely (no explosions or fire!).

Strategies / Project Timeline: This enforces the idea that we can really make it into space and we have great opportunities ahead of us! We are ready to start the exploration of the universe to stay ahead of our competition and reach more unique milestones. We need to research the use of 'delta v' in order to help us escape the gravity of Kerbin and reach new places.

Milestone Awards Presented: 

  • Launch to 10 km - $5,000
  • Manned launch to 10 km - $10,000
  • Manned launch to 50 km - $15,000
  • Achieving stable orbit - $20,000
  • Achieving stable manned orbit - $25,000
  • First Kerbal EVA - $60,000
  • TOTAL: $135,000

Available Funds: $100,000 - $9,423.7 + $135,000 = $225,576.30



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Unfortunately, due to a sick pilot, we are unable to launch this vehicle and will be moving on to another mission while our pilot for this mission is recovering.

Team Name: KT Explorations Inc.

Available Funds: $225,576.30

Vehicle Name: The Big Mun Guy

Vehicle Parts List and Cost: 

1. MK1 Command Pod $600

2. MK16 Parachute $422

3. 1.25 m Heat Shield $300

4. FL-7200 Fuel $275

5. FL-7100 Fuel x2 $300 

6. LV-909 "Terner" LFE x2 $780

7. TR-18A Stack Decoupler x2 $800

8. TR-2V Stack Decoupler $300

9. AE-FF1 Protective Shell $300

10. LT-05 Micro Landing Legs x4 $800

11. FL-7400 Fuel Tank $500

12. FL-7800 Fuel Tank x5 $4000

13. LV-T45 "Swivel" LFE $1200

14. TT-38K Rad Decoupler x3 $1800

15. LV-T30 "Reliant" LFE X3 $3300

16. Aerodynamic Nose Cone $720

17. AV-R8 Winglet x3 $1920

18. FTX-2 External Fuel Duct x3 $450

Total= $18,767 (10 percent Foreign Enterprise Tax)= $20,643.7

Picture to come soon of "The Big Mun Guy"

Design Goals: For this design we would like to reach the Mun and return safely back to Kerbin and to do this we are using a lot more fuel compared to before and then adding asparagus coupling.

Launch Goal: With this launch, we would like to figure out that we can use the orbit to fling us out to the Mun to land safely. We expect to receive the "Landing on Mun (and safe return)" for a reward of $250,000.

Pilot Plan: The pilot plans to launch straight up to 100 m/s then tilt 10 degrees east. Then at around 15km turn to 45 degrees east to get into orbit as done before. He/she will line up to reach the Mun's orbit by turning until the periapsis is into Mun. He/she will land and explore the Mun then return to Kerbin by getting back into orbit to get back to the Kerbin kind.

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Team Name: KT Explorations Inc.

Available Funds: $375,576.3

Vehicle Name: Ethan and Rachel Mk1

Vehicle Parts List and Cost:

  1. TT 18-A Launch Stability Enhancers x4 $200 each

  2. Structural Wing Type A x4 $500 each

  3. TT-38K Radial Decoupler x2 $600 each

  4. “Thumper” SFB x2 $850 each

  5. Advanced Nose Cone Type B x2 $320 each

  6. Twin Boar LFE $17000

  7. Rocomax Jumbo-64 FT $5750

  8. Rocomax Brand Decoupler $550

  9. Poodle LFE $1300

  10. Rocomax X200-16 FT $1550

  11. Rocomax X200-8 FT $800

  12. Airstream Protective Shell 2.5m $600

  13. FR-18A Stack Decoupler x2 $400 each

  14. Terrier LFE $390

  15. ET-400 FT $500

  16. FLT 100 FT x5 $50 each

  17. LT-2 Landing Strut x4 $340 each

  18. Radiator Panel x4 $150 each

  19. MK 25 Radiator Mount Parachute x3 $400 each

  20. MK1 Command Pod $600

  21. 1.25m Heat Shield $200

  22. MK16 Parachute $422

  23. FTX-2 External Fuel Duct x4 $150

  24. Seperation 1 SFB x8 $75 each’

  25. Radial Drogue Chute x2 $150

  26. Mobility Enhancer $440

  27. Strut Connector x3 $42 each

Total: $43,480 + 10% tax = $47,828

Design Goals: The vehicle is supposed to make it to Duna and return safely. We have carefully constructed the rocket to have enough stages to make it to the planet and back.

Launch Goal: We are hoping to send Jeb to Duna and return safely! We expect to orbit Duna and make a safe return from the planet, too. We want to learn and demonstrate how to perform interplanetary travel and make sure Jeb has a ton of fun during the process.

Pilot Plan: What will the pilot be doing during the different stages of the launch? Are there different activities / maneuvers to be completed at different altitudes or stages.

The pilot will be reaching an orbit around Kerbin, as he has done many times before. Once orbit is achieved, a maneuver will be set up so that the ship will be pushed along the direction of the orbit of Kerbin, towards Duna. Aerobraking and parachutes will be used once in Duna’s atmosphere, and upon landing, Jeb will pack the chutes. A similar procedure will be performed to make it back to Kerbin safely!


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