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Throwing a Ball in a Boat - Demonstrating Center of Mass

By Flipping Physics, 08/19/2018

When I throw a massive ball to the left such that it lands in the other end of the canoe, what will happen to the positions of the objects? What if the ball does not land in the canoe? This video provides answers and solutions to those questions. Want Lecture Notes? This is an AP Physics 1 topic.

Content Times:
0:01 Ball lands in canoe center of mass question
0:52 Demonstrating the answer
1:16 Explaining the answer
3:31 What is the ball lands outside the canoe?
4:28 Demonstrating the answer
5:08 The math solution
8:03 The physics works!

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Thank you to Will Longsworth, Christopher Becke, Jonathan Everett, Scott Carter, and Aarti Sangwan for being my Quality Control Team for this video.

Thank you to Youssef Nasr for transcribing the English subtitles of this video.

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