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Nerd-A-Pult - An Introductory Projectile Motion Problem

By Flipping Physics, 05/23/2014
An introductory projectile motion problem where you have to break the initial velocity vector in to its components before you can work with it. The Nerd-A-Pult is the perfect tool for showing projectile motion.

Content Times:
0:02 Introducing the Nerd-A-Pult
0:43 Demonstrating the marshmallow capabilities of the Nerd-A-Pult
1:18 Reading the problem
2:26 Starting to solve the problem
3:03 What do we do with the initial velocity?
3:45 Solving for the initial velocity in the y-direction
4:27 Solving for the initial velocity in the x-direction
5:13 Deciding which direction to start working with
5:38 Solving for the change in time in the x-direction
6:34 Solving for the displacement in the y-direction
7:54 Proving that our answer is correct
8:58 The Review

[url="http://www.flippingphysics.com/nerd-a-pult.html"]Want Lecture Notes?[/url]

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Want a Nerd-A-Pult? You can purchase one at [url="http://marshmallowcatapults.com"]marshmallowcatapults.com[/url]


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