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A Range Equation Problem with Two Parts

By Flipping Physics, 06/19/2014
Mr.p throws a ball toward a bucket that is 581 cm away from him horizontally. He throws the ball at an initial angle of 55° above the horizontal and the ball is 34 cm short of the bucket. If mr.p throws the ball with the same initial speed and the ball is always released at the same height as the top of the bucket, at what angle does he need to throw the ball so it will land in the bucket?

Content Times:
0:14 Reading the problem
1:01 Why we can use the Range Equation
2:15 Listing what we know for the first attempt
3:06 Solving for the initial speed
4:26 Solving for the initial angle
5:45 Putting the ball in the bucket
6:15 There are actually two correct answers
6:44 Getting the ball into the basket

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