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Introductory Conservation of Mechanical Energy Problem using a Trebuchet

Learn how to use the Conservation of Mechanical Energy equation by solving a trebuchet problem.  Want Lecture Notes?

This is an AP Physics 1 topic.


Content Times:

0:08 The problem

1:08 Why mechanical energy is conserved

1:37 Setting the zero line and initial and final points

2:32 The three types of mechanical energy

3:55 Canceling mechanical energies from the equation

4:54 Solving the equation

6:18 It’s final speed not final velocity

6:51 Why we can’t use the projectile motion equations

7:43 Do we really have to write all that down? Yes.


Thank you to my students Will, Jacob, Natalie and Mery; my students who built and let me use their trebuchet!


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