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2D Conservation of Momentum Example using Air Hockey Discs

By Flipping Physics, 02/16/2017
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A 28.8 g yellow air hockey disc elastically strikes a 26.9 g stationary red air hockey disc. If the velocity of the yellow disc before the collision is 33.6 cm/s in the x direction and after the collision it is 10.7 cm/s at an angle 63.4° S of E, what is the velocity of the red disc after the collision? This is an AP Physics 1 topic. Want Lecture Notes?

Content Times:
0:12 The problem
1:49 Breaking the initial velocity of disc 1 into its components
3:06 Conservation of momentum in the x-direction
5:24 Conservation of momentum in the y-direction
6:26 Solving for the final velocity of disc 2 using its components
8:40 Was this an elastic collision?
12:39 Movie Character Day!

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