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Calculus based review of work done by constant and non-constant forces, Hooke’s Law, Work and Energy equations in isolated and non-isolated systems, kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, elastic potential energy, conservative vs. nonconservative forces, conservation of mechanical energy, power, neutral, stable, and unstable equilibrium.
For the calculus based AP Physics C mechanics exam. Want Lecture Notes?

Content Times:
0:11 Work done by a constant force
2:25 Work done by a non-constant force
3:58 Force of a Spring (Hooke’s Law)
4:52 Calculating the work done by the force of a spring
6:26 Net work equals change in kinetic energy
7:02 Gravitational Potential Energy
7:50 Non-isolated systems work and energy
8:29 Isolated systems work and energy
9:02 Conservative vs. Nonconservative forces
10:10 Conservation of Mechanical Energy
10:45 Power
12:09 Every derivative can be an integral
13:00 Conservative forces and potential energy
13:46 Deriving Hooke’s Law from elastic potential energy
14:22 Deriving the force of gravity from gravitational potential energy
15:17 Neutral, stable, and unstable equilibrium

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AP Physics C Review Website

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