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AP Physics C: Equations to Memorize (Mechanics)

By Flipping Physics, 04/30/2017

Calculus based review of equations I suggest you memorize for the AP Physics C: Mechanics Exam. Please realize I abhor memorization, however, there are a few equations which I do recommend you memorize. I also list equations NOT to memorize and ones which I suggest you know how to derive. Also a note about Moments of Inertia and the AP Exam.
For the calculus based AP Physics C mechanics exam. Want Lecture Notes?

Content Times:
0:22 Equations to Memorize
2:06 Derivative as an Integral Example
6:52 Equations NOT to memorize
8:10 Equations to know how to derive
10:14 Moments of Inertia and the AP Exam

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AP Physics C Review Website

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