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Why Bubbles are the Best!



So, we all know bubbles are awesome. But have you ever stopped and thought on why they act how they act or even how they are made, well believe or not it has a lot to do with physics.

It all starts with the surface tension. The surface tension is 75 dyne/cm and 25o C, just a fancy way of saying how much pressure it takes to break the surface of water. When you add soap it increases the surface tension. When the surface tension is high the fluid is able to drain out and the bubble is formed with a membrane thinner than a human hair.


This can all be explained by Laplace law, P=T/R or pressure is equal to tension in the wall divide by radius. This is better explained in this video by Julius summers

Bubble seems really simple and childish but there has been lots of research into this topic. Professors have researched them and wrote paper and matter of fact the LA times wrote an article on them. It is actually complex stuff that is complicated to explain I hope I got you to look at them a little different

LA Times http://articles.latimes.com/2013/may/11/science/la-sci-bubbles-20130511


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