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The Dark Truth on Lightsabers.



If you like me, you want your own personal Lightsaber. They come in handy for so many things, self-defense, chopping food, and cutting through metal, not to mention the portability. Let’s dive in and see if we can really make these available to the home consumer.

Now and important thing to remember is that no two lightsaber are exactly alike, they are custom made for by Jedi and Sith. But all share a common characteristic. They have some sort of main power crystal along with along with stabilizing crystals and a stabling emitter system. The power normally come from a diatium power crystal. Once that is all in place the emitter system stabilizes the plasma and saber appears .


Unfortunately, for those of you who think they can make their own and save a few bucks, there is a catch. If you are basing this on the assumption they use plasma, it would become so hot, up to around 5200 Kelvin (8900F). You would also need so sort of way power the light saber. Something in the order of MEGA-watts. Something much larger than the handle. And possibly the final nail in its coffin is the inability to control plasma, you would need magnet around it to make sure the plasma didn't change shape. And if you to base this on lightsaber being laser, you run into the problem that lasers don't stop, there would have to be something on the end to cap it. Even worse, lightsabers would just pass through one another.

But don't worry, I am not saying that lightsaber couldn't be made; we just don't have the technology yet. But don't worry, there is a hope yet. Plasma is made by bringing gases up to high energy levels. The more energy you put in, the better quality plasma due to the fact that more atoms will be stripped of electrons. You could make plasma by producing a high enough voltage difference. So keep your dreams up, one day you may have your lightsaber, still then, keep dreaming.

Dr.Michio Kaku show on lightsabers, 1st of 3 parts.


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