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  1. Black holes are really cool to learn about, thank you!
  2. I didn't know there where so many forces at work.
  3. I'm sure you have heard about, read about it book and even seen it in movies. Well I am hear to give you a basic overview, it is very complicated once you really look into it. I'm hear to shed light onto this for all of you. (All with out the use of a flux capacitor or a Delorean.) I'm going to talk about the types into the future or into the past. Lets start with the future. In some ways this is on display everyday. The clocks on the GPS satellites need to be adjusted due to fact that when you are moving time moves slower thus you age slower. In theory, you could send someone out
  4. i didn't know there was so much physics in nasacar!
  5. i really like need for speed good job
  6. Do you really want to believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas again? Let me see if I can help your here. Maybe using physics we can make out dreams come back to life. Lets start with just talking about how many presents he would need to deliver. There are roughly 2 billion kids in the world, taking out all the non-Christian kids, that leaves around 378 million children give or take. Now taking the average of 3.5 kids per household, this leaves us with 91.8 million household he must get to in 31 hours (thanks to time zones.) I think the first thing we need to look at is the
  7. But its cooler if you hear sounds
  8. I didn't know how much physics into ghost hunting
  9. So, we all know bubbles are awesome. But have you ever stopped and thought on why they act how they act or even how they are made, well believe or not it has a lot to do with physics. It all starts with the surface tension. The surface tension is 75 dyne/cm and 25o C, just a fancy way of saying how much pressure it takes to break the surface of water. When you add soap it increases the surface tension. When the surface tension is high the fluid is able to drain out and the bubble is formed with a membrane thinner than a human hair. http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSIn7Vy-cXBJBiH1QJ
  10. Maybe flash is a master of physics and speed?
  11. If you like me, you want your own personal Lightsaber. They come in handy for so many things, self-defense, chopping food, and cutting through metal, not to mention the portability. Let’s dive in and see if we can really make these available to the home consumer. Now and important thing to remember is that no two lightsaber are exactly alike, they are custom made for by Jedi and Sith. But all share a common characteristic. They have some sort of main power crystal along with along with stabilizing crystals and a stabling emitter system. The power normally come from a diatium power crystal. On
  12. I never would have thought air resitance would play that big of a part in falling objects. Cool entry!
  13. It must be really hard to do enough work to be able to spin and flip in the air.
  14. Ever since 7th grade, running has been a part of life, and just now it as occurred to me, I have no idea how it works, obviously its putting one foot in front of another, but why does this happen? let’s take a look. To start think of you arms and legs as pendulums. The equation for a pendulum is d2o/dt2+g/l=0. In this L is length meaning if you shorten your pendulum or legs in this case you will go faster. You probably do this when you run without noticing it. Do you every run with a straight leg no, you bend them, thus you shorten the pendulum. Now this put your arm down to your si
  15. Hello, I am Ryan. I was born in Long Island, New York. I do cross country and track and play a little baseball. I am a Boy Scout and love being outside. I also enjoy being a Buffalo Bills season ticket holder and love the Yankees. I am taking Physics so I can keep learning new things all the way up through senior year!
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