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Physics of Biking



Like many people, I don't usually think about the physics behind everything. But once i did think about it, there is a lot of physics when you go for a bike ride in Irondequoit. Going down St. Paul theres a slight hill, as you're biking down it you may not realize it but you are accelerating. To find acceleration you could take the longer way and find the velocity by taking the distance and dividing it by the amount of time you took getting down the hill. Then you can make a pretty graph and find the slope of the line or best fit line and boom, theres your acceleration. But when you come back up that hill, unless your a very athletic person, you start off at a constant speed and then slow down as you reach the top of that bill then go back to a constant speed when you level out. To find that constant speed when its all leveled you just need to solve the distance over time to get an average.


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wouldnt vectors be used for biking as well because it is moving in diffrent directions and it has magnitude for how long the biking goes for a certian time. its similar to Vi Vf d A T formate for finding time traveled while biking, or finding the mangitude of the acceleration of the bike.

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