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Circles are DOPE



blog-0669357001382980229.jpgI would like to take this time to adress a very important matter. Circles. So round.

Lets see what we know about circles.

As a particle travels in a circular path, it is always accerlerating. Even if the magnitude of the velocity of the particle remains the same. This is because velocity is a vector quanity which means that it is both dependent upon magnitude and direction. That being said, if the velocity changes at all (In magnitude or in direction) we know that it is accelerating.

The accleration of a particle traveling in a cirlcular path (Centripetal acceleration ) is equal to (v^2)/r Whereas v is the particles velocity and r is the circles radius. However, I was told from my homeboy Newton that F=ma. So if we plug in an objects centripetal acceleration, Centripetal Force= m(v^2)/r

I know this wasnt the biggest and baddest blog post out there, but Shabba's a bussy guy. Dont judge me.

Below you'll fine some pretty nice cirlces.

With love, your friend




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