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Physics in Throwing a Perfect Pass In Madden or Real Life



Today we learned that the best angle of trajectory for anything is 45 degress, this connects to the only thing that i did for the last two weeks of the season which was throw a ball with one of the little ball boys. It actually made sense because the young boy always tried to throw the ball as high as he possibly could. But that would allow the defense to get under the ball very easily. Now a days in madden theres a new ball hawk thing that allows the team to get obnoxious amounts of interceptions, and then i noticed that the ball is normally only intercepted when you tap the throw button. When you slightly hold in longer it increases the velocity on the ball while also lowering the trajectory of the ball therfore making it a better pass. ITs a weird thing to think about in how much physics is in throwing a ball especially when you take account for the distance you are throwing the possible chance of wind, as well as the weight of the ball. All those things are just thought about naturally without any calclations are showing units.


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