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The Physics of Working in A Pizza Place



When working at a pizza place physics is all around you. The pizza makers use a lot when rolling out the dough and making it fancy by tossing it into the air. As the pizza spins up you are using the centripetal acceleration and centripetal force. In order to figure out the force you use the equation F=mac so you must find ac with the equation ac=v^2/r. V represents the speed and r the radius of the dough. Also you must think of physics when you're just moving around the store. As you try to move and stop quickly you usually slide a little bit on the flour thats on the floor. To figure just how far you slide you would need to use your kinematic equations. Using your initial velocity and your final velocity, which would be 0 since you're not moving, you then need either acceleration or time to then solve for distance. Once you know your distance you will then know how far you will slide and can avoid running into something.


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