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Number 2



Physics is shown all over the everyday life. Even when i am hanging with my friends physics is shown all over the place. Imagine that my two friends are joking around and want to box. My one friend danny is a very large and strong person who can apply alot of force and strength in his punches. My other friend "ryan" is much smaller and could not apply the same amount of force as danny can. As punches are thrown out of fun, danny hits Ryan in his head which then causes him to fall over to the ground. The force of dannys punch had to much force for ryan to obtain so that caused ryan to fall over. Ryan could not apply an equal and opposite force for him not to fall over.

As you can see physics can be shown even in a friendly round of boxing even tho ryan probably made the wrong decision with the force that danny was able to apply and that ryan could not withstand that amount of force.


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