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    My dear friend Joe went through a tough time in his life. He once fell in love with a girl on Facebook who was not real. Thoughout this time physics was displayed in many ways. As he found out that this person was not the person he believed was to be, he started to cry. As the tears ran down his face friction slowed them down before they entered the pool that was below from his tears. Friction played a big part as his face turn red. As he got more angry he threw the bear he bought for her. As the bear was airborn, friction slowed it down from the original speed it was released at. As the momentum grew the force behind it hit the wall. Due to the large amounts of force there was a hole in the wall. Causing Joe to get even more angry and cry more. So as you can see physics has been shown in Joes catfish days. @Joe_Thompson
  2. Ryanz18

    Ryan's blog 5

    Physics can be in playing Xbox. As a player moves the control pads their kinetic energy and potential energy move up and down. Gravity acts on them at every moment. As the player makes every move they apply a force to the control pad. They apply energy to every move as they play the game. This is how physics is connected to playing Xbox.
  3. Ryanz18

    Ryan's blog 4

    Physics is in many things just like sitting on the couch. As a person sits on a couch gravity is acting on them at every moment. Their potential energy is 100% because they are not moving which means they have no kinetic energy.
  4. Ryanz18

    Ryan's blog 3

    I like to play a lot of sports and one sport I like to play is lacrosse. I have played lacrosse since the third grade and now that I am physics I see how much it is involved with lacrosse. One way that lacrosse is involved with physics is when a player throws a ball to another player. A player has to throw the ball up a little more higher than the opposite player because of gravity. As the ball leaves the the stick Gravity is trying to pull it down to earth. But the ball has so much kinetic energy going towards the opposite player that it reaches the player before the ground. Another way that lacrosse is involved with physics is when a player shoots a ball at the net it leaves the stick at a usual velocity of 60-70 miles per hour. As the ball leaves the stick it's potential energy changes to kinetic energy all the way to the net. As it hits the net it loses all kinetic energy and turns to potential energy and gravity brings it down to the ground. This is how lacrosse is related to lacrosse.
  5. Physics is all around us in everything we do. Another activity that I enjoy on the weekends is to play hockey. Hockey is a very fun sport and every movement in hockey involves physics. When a hockey player skates on the ice there is so little friction which makes them glide across the ice but the player will slow down after time due to that slow friction acting upon the skates. Also friction acts upon the the puck as it is shot. The puck will glide on the ice but friction slows the the puck down as it goes farther and farther. Another way physics is in hockey is As a player glides across the ice his energy is transferred from potential to kinetic energy. As he slowly increases speed his potential goes down and kinetic goes down. But as he slows down his kinetic goes down and potential goes back up. This is how physics is involved with hockey.
  6. Physics is in places of the earth and the activities we enjoy. One activity that I like to do on the weekends is the snowboard. Snowboarding has a lot of physics in it. As a snowboard goes down the hill it slides on the snow. Friction is the then added to the board and tries to slow down the board but as the hill gets steaper friction has less actions on the board. Due to the fact that a snowboarder goes faster farther down the hill. Also as a snowboarder accelerates its potential energy decreases and the kinetic energy increases. If a snowboarder wants to stop he carves to the side of the board to catch as much friction as possible to slow them down. This is how physics is related to snowboarding.
  7. Ryanz18

    Number 5

    In physics, Mr Fullerton shows us how throwing a ball across the room and someone catching has everything to do with physics. As he throws the ball he apply an initial velocity for the ball to go through the air. As he releases the ball gravity as a force acts upon the ball and starts to pull it down. as it keeps going air resistance slows its velocity for who ever to catch it. As the ball is caught an equal and opposite reaction is applied to the ball causing it to come to a complete stop and for it to not move anymore. The ball shows how the whole process works and how it can show the diagram of physics to the students.
  8. Ryanz18

    Number 4

    While driving my car down the road a deer ran out into the street causing me to break suddenly and to come to a complete stop. The brakes stopped the momentum and velocity of my vehicle and used force against the wheels to help me come to that stop. As we learn is physics that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, as my car came to that complete stop i was suddenly jolted back in my seat. As the breaks stopped the velocity and momentum of the car, the equal reactions was my sudden jolt back into my seat. Physics is my favorite class of my senior year and im glad that i am in it, everything has a reason for the actions that take place and being able to understand it all and break it down for my knowledge is something that i will never forget in my lifetime.
  9. Ryanz18

    Number 3

    I love physics and during our project with the catapults it really made me understand the whole outline for the basic physics student. Me and eric designed our catapult to go a little bit further that planned but the forces acting upon it did not let that happen. Our catapult only went 14 meters due to the force of gravity pulling it down and the launch angle that it was fired at. If our launch angle wouldn't have been as big as our was, the cycle of the softball would of allowed it to travel much farther. The angle made it so when the ball went up it did not have enough force to keep moving forward but that gravity was stronger and made it possible to bring the ball back down to the ground. As the ball was in the air, gravity was not the only force acting upon it. air resistance and the normal force was also apart of why is did not go as far as we had hoped and planned. Physics was shown and tested to our knowledge in this project because of how far the ball actually went compared to where we had anticipated it going.
  10. Ryanz18

    Number 2

    Physics is shown all over the everyday life. Even when i am hanging with my friends physics is shown all over the place. Imagine that my two friends are joking around and want to box. My one friend danny is a very large and strong person who can apply alot of force and strength in his punches. My other friend "ryan" is much smaller and could not apply the same amount of force as danny can. As punches are thrown out of fun, danny hits Ryan in his head which then causes him to fall over to the ground. The force of dannys punch had to much force for ryan to obtain so that caused ryan to fall over. Ryan could not apply an equal and opposite force for him not to fall over. As you can see physics can be shown even in a friendly round of boxing even tho ryan probably made the wrong decision with the force that danny was able to apply and that ryan could not withstand that amount of force.
  11. Ryanz18

    Number 1

    Paintball is a sport that i love to play in my free time. The whole sport of paintball connects to physics and shows physics aspects in many ways. I go to paintball at least 2 times a month in the winter and one part that sticks out for physics is the launch of one paintball from my gun threw the air and to a target or player. As a a ball travels through the air many forces are acting on it, gravity pulls down on each paintball in the air which makes them arc in the air. Also as this ball is traveling air resistance acts upon it which therefore slows it down its velocity and it proceeds to travel. Finally as the ball reaches its target or player it has the ending force that causes the ball to break and all the paint to explode. This force is an opposite but stronger force which is what makes it break upon impact. As you can see, the sport of paintball displays all aspects of physics through the whole entire time i am there. Physics is a very fun class and opens my eyes to the reasons everything happens throughout the world such as when i play paintball.
  12. Nice Seth. I like it
  13. We have a lot of the same Intressts.
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    My name is Ryan Zimmermann. I am 17 and I am a senior at irondequoit high school. I like to okay lacrosse golf and paintball. I have two dogs. I have 2 sisters. I took physics because I want to become a pharmistist and physics would look good on my college application.
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