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Cooking Gone Wrong



Everyone gets hungry. I had a friend over, and we needed something to eat because we're only human. Not in the mood to spend time making a full out dinner, we decided to make a box of macaroni. But, before we could even get the pasta into the boiling water, my friend had accidentally knocked over the box, and all of the pasta had fallen onto the ground. The physics in this is that the pasta had fallen at an acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2 down. Obviously there was more than one piece of pasta, but when they all fall out of the box, they did all fall from the counter down to the ground, falling the same distance vertically. But there were pasta which had bounced, and landed a different distance from the counter. The initial velocity being 0 till the force of my friend had knocked the box which led to the spilling of the macaroni.

In the end we didn't get to eat macaroni so we ended up calling up a place for some Chinese food. This also dealing with physics, for the person delivering the food would be traveling by car at a certain horizontal velocity for a certain distance, and this would take them a certain amount of time.

But the point is that we got to eat, so it was a good day in the end.


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