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Physics in Basketball pt. 2 #hoopmixtape



Hello I am back again to discuss more physics in the sport of basketball. When watching the NBA you will often see the athletes dunking the basketball. It is very easy for them since they are so tall and athletic. The physics relates to Newton's 2nd Law. Lets take LeBron James for example. LeBron is well known for his incredible jumping ability. The physics applies when LeBron puts a force on the floor and the same force is applied when the floor pushes back up on LeBron. Lets say LeBron applies a force 200 Newtons on the floor. The floor applies the same force back to LeBron to push him up into the air to dunk the ball. Also this blog post isn't as interesting as the previous one, because who doesn't love #3J that is how physics applies to dunking a basketball. WARNING: NEVER GET DUNKED ON! THAT IS ONE OF THE MOST EMBARASSING THINGS THAT CAN EVER HAPPEN TO YOU!


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