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Hunting Season



Well hunting season just ended and for people like my dad this is a very sad time. However, my dad loves to go bow hunting and wanted to teach my a few things while shooting at a target. It was pretty cool to see how the bow helped the arrow most so fast in the air and hit the foam target with so much force. And I thought about all of the physics that connects to this. Well i look mostly at the interaction between the arrow hitting the target. The arrow starts at rest and after it is released moves at about 67 m/s in horizontal motion and he stands about 20 meters from the target and it takes about .3 seconds for the arrow to hit the target. With this information I can use my projectile equations and solve for the acceleration. And if you use one of the projectile equations you get the acceleration to equal 444.4 m/s2 which is super fast. I think its so cool how one of my dads favorite activities can help me understand projectile equations better.


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