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How I Hurt My Head



It was a great tuesday night for some high school girls basketball. Irondequoit hosted the Hilton Cadets and it was a huge game. It was very physical and very close in score. However, the back of my head took the worst blow of the night. One of the girls just absolutely laid me out and well.... i landed on my head. Although i was in a lot of pain, I can look back now and see just all of the physics that this girl did to me. Well she had a lot of momentum which when she made contact with me, I conserved the same amount of momentum she had when she was running at me with a head of steam.Lets say she was running at 5.5m/s at me and she weighs about 55 kg i can use the momentum equation (p=mv) to find out the amount of mometum she had. p=(55kg)(5.5m/s)= 303N/s. Thats a lot... well enough for me to fly off my feet and land right on my head. I guess my intertia was not very high that night. :(

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